Creative Clip Art – Creating Beautiful Stencils At Half the Price

Clipart can be used to create beautiful stencils, which, in turn, can be used to decorate walls, design borders, t-shirt designs, scrapbooking accessories and much, much more. It all starts with an idea…

Turning Clip Art into Stencils

Decorative stencils have been used for thousands of years to create beautiful art. Today, they’re used extensively for room borders, scrapbooking, and wall art. You can buy the stencils you want from any craft store or at an online stencil store. However, depending on size and intricacy, you could end up spending anywhere from $5 to $150 or more for a single stencil.

With clip art and a little bit of ingenuity, however, you can create beautiful stencils for any purpose at a price even a tight budget can afford. Here’s how:

  • Clip art (you can download for a FREE TRIAL at Graphics Factory)
  • Stencil sheets (you can get a pack of ten sheets for less than $15.00 from a local craft store or find other options online) or use construction paper.
  • Scissors ($1.00 – $5.00 anywhere)
  • Utility or X-acto knife ($4.00 anywhere)

Taking the highest price, you can easily end up with ten high quality stencils for $20 – more if the designs are small. You can make your chosen stencils as small, large, intricate or colorful as needed for your particular purpose.

Many types of stencil sheets can be used in a printer, which makes it extremely easy to transfer the clip art to the sheet. Once the design is printed, you simply cut out the design (remember that you only cut out the parts you want to trace) with your knife and you’re ready to go! You can save the leftover stencil material for small designs, as well.

From decorative designs to whimsical backgrounds, clip art is the affordable answer to fantastic wall art – or scrapbooks, chairs, rugs, t-shirts, stationary, diaries, greeting cards, coffee mugs, newsletters, and much more…  What are some things you’ve used clip art for? Share your craft projects with us.