Size And Quality Does Matter

The versatility of clip art is important and does matter when certain needs must be met. Being able to download certain images in a specific format will save you time and money. With Graphics Factory, you can resize any image according to how you would like to use it.

Vector images use points, lines, curves, and polygons all based on mathematical equations to represent images in computer graphics. These images can be resized larger or smaller than the original image seen on Graphics Factory.

Bitmap images are an array of bits organized on a file format used to store digital images. These images can only be resized smaller than the image seen on Graphics Factory.

GIF’s (Graphic Interchange Format) are a bitmap format with color limitations. These limitations make it unsuitable for reproducing color photographs and other images with continuous color. A GIF formatted image is better suited for graphics or logos with solid areas of color. GIF images can be transparent. These images can only be resized smaller.

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) are a most common image format used by digital cameras and other devices able to capture images. JPEG’s typically have little perceptible loss in image quality.

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) are graphics when compressed, have no loss in image quality. PNG images can also be transparent. The image you see is the image you get; exactly.

Now that you have been educated on the different formats Graphics Factory has to offer, it will be easier for you to download the correct format to fit your specific need for that image.