What’s Marisa Mayer going to do with Microsoft in the way?

This is something to watch and I will not miss a beat! Marisa must be feeling on top of the world yet also feeling the world on her shoulders. She has to single handley turn Yahoo into what is used to be fore Google at a minimum. This is not small feat, I don’t even think Steve Jobs could have done that.


Marisa seems nothing like Steve Jobs either and I don’t think she has what it takes to save the sinking boat at Yahoo. I think maybe within 5 years she can help Yahoo gain a small percentage in search activity, BUT we can’t say that without mentioning Microsoft.

What can Marisa do with Microsoft’s results in the way? I see her as having feet stuck in concrete. I am predicting Microsoft will try to buy Yahoo again within 1 year. Maybe a Google vs. Microsoft battle for Yahoo?


What do you think?